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Yale SOM Executive Education COVID-19 Information

This webpage is an up-to-date resource for participants and clients of Yale SOM Executive Education in regards to COVID-19.

Last updated: September 20, 2022

To our Yale SOM Executive Education Community, we want to address your questions and concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and how it affects your professional development at Yale. This website was designed to share information and updates so you can make informed decisions regarding your health, your program participation, and the health of the community.

We believe great leadership, built on agility, creativity, rationality, and morality, is abundantly important in these times of uncertainty. Yale SOM Executive Education will continue our efforts to safely and effectively make critical managerial and leadership education accessible, especially in the face of today’s global health crises.

We take the concerns of our participants seriously and are following Yale University and CDC guidelines to maintain the health and safety of our participants, faculty, staff, and other visitors. Because this situation still continues to evolve, please check back for updates. We ask for your partnership in prioritizing the health and education of our communities.

At Yale SOM Executive Education, we uphold Yale University’s commitment to maintain an inclusive environment of respect and freedom from discrimination and to support all members of our community affected by this global health threat. For more information on Yale’s nondiscrimination policies, please read Yale’s nondiscrimination policies.

Contact Information


For Programs Delivered Directly by the Yale School of Management

Point of Contact: Jaime Willadsen, Registrar & Assistant Director of Learning Operations

For Online Programs Delivered by Collaborators


Phone: +1 203 439 4771


Point of Contact: Crystal Grandison, Senior Director of Marketing

Health and Safety Protocols at a Glance

Please review our FAQ below for more detailed information on these requirements. 

  1. Receive a formal invitation. Your letter includes a detailed summary of health and safety requirements. 

  1. Submit your vaccine attestation form. You must must be up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with an accepted vaccine

  1. Pre-arrival testing. All participants are required to test before traveling to New Haven using one of two options: 1.) PCR test 48 hours before arrival in New Haven or 2.) rapid test the morning of travel. 

  1. Wear a mask in the classroom. Masks are optional in most other settings. 

  1. Mid-program testing. Test kits and detailed instructions are provided on site. 

  1. Post-program health check. Brief, online report 72 hours after your program concludes. 

Before the program

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to attend a program on campus? Does Yale require boosters?

Yes. You must be up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with an accepted vaccine. There is no exemption process for learners who will be on campus for less than a full semester. As the start date of your program approaches, our team will reach out with a vaccine attestation form that you must sign and return before coming to campus. You will also be required to carry proof of vaccination (such as a government-issued vaccination record card) throughout your time on campus, and show it to Yale staff if asked.

Will I need to get tested for COVID-19 before arrival?

Yes. All executive education participants are required to test negative for COVID-19 before traveling to New Haven. For this purpose, Yale will accept either a.) a PCR test 48 hours before arrival in New Haven or b.) a rapid antigen test the morning of travel. 

After arrival and before the start of the program, all participants must also take a rapid test (kit provided by Yale) and report the results to Yale staff. Additional rapid testing may be required during the program; Yale will provide test kits to support any rapid testing requirement it implements.

Will I need to quarantine or observe any other travel-related requirements upon arrival?

Fully vaccinated participants are not required to quarantine upon arrival unless they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals experiencing symptoms, whether or not fully vaccinated, must obtain a COVID-19 PCR test and isolate until the test result is received. If the test is positive, the individual should continue to isolate and speak to their health care provider.  

Please note that additional government-imposed requirements are in place for international travel, including a vaccination requirement.

Further details are available on Yale’s Travel Policy page. These policies may change if official guidance evolves to adapt to the global public health situation. 

I’m considering registering for or have registered for an upcoming program. What happens if the program is cancelled?

While it is our goal to deliver our programs as scheduled, we may postpone programs or deliver them online. If one of our programs is cancelled, postponed, or shifted to online learning, we will notify those affected as soon as possible.   

If you registered for an open enrollment program directly through Yale and the program is cancelled, we will refund participants their full program fees. Because travel costs are not included in program fees, we will not reimburse travel costs and we strongly recommend that each participant make refundable arrangements where possible. 

If you registered for a custom or corporate program through your employer or another organization, Yale is reaching out to the responsible contact at your organization to discuss the details of how the COVID-19 pandemic may impact your program. Any decision to cancel or postpone will be communicated to you by your organization. 

If you have further questions about your program, please reach out to the Yale SOM Executive Education team member either listed on your program webpage or who has been in communication with your organization. 

When will the final decision about cancelling, postponing, or shifting to online learning be made for my program?

Our account management, learning design, delivery, and operations teams will work together to determine the best possible outcome for your program in light of current public health guidance and university policy. A  decision to proceed, cancel, or postpone will be communicated to enrolled participants no later than four weeks before the program begins. Any decision to proceed with in-person programs will still be contingent on favorable public health conditions at the time of the program.

If I cannot travel or I feel uncomfortable traveling for a program, can I cancel my registration?

If you registered and paid directly through Yale for an open enrollment program, be it online or on campus, you may withdraw from the course subject to the terms of our cancellation policy. If you have booked your own hotel, please check with the hotel about their refund policy. 

If you registered and paid for a Yale SOM Executive Education program through one of our program collaborators, like 2U/GetSmarter, ExecOnline, or Northwest Executive Education, for the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program, please contact the contact listed on the program webpage for more information. Registration policies differ depending on the program collaborator. 

If you are registered for a  custom  or  corporate program  through your employer or another organization, individual program adjustments will be handled by the responsible contact at your organization. 

Do I need health insurance to attend a program?

Yes, all participants are required to either have health insurance or travelers’ health insurance in order to attend one of our programs. The cost of this insurance, as well as any medical expenses that are not covered by this insurance, is the personal responsibility of each participant.

During the program

What is Yale doing to ensure a safe environment during a program?

Yale University is fortunate to have some of the world’s leading public health experts on its faculty and a dedicated team of health and safety leaders on its staff. Their expertise supplements guidance from the CDC to maintain university policy appropriate to the evolving public health context. Current measures include a vaccination and booster requirement for all Yale community members as well as optimization of space configuration, air ventilation and filtration, and cleaning protocols in all Yale buildings in accordance with current CDC guidance.

What will the on-campus learning experience look like? Will I be required to wear a mask or get tested?

Masks are optional in most situations, though they may be mandated in specific settings as directed by Yale staff. For individuals who are symptomatic, who are close contacts of an individual who recently tested positive for COVID-19, or who recovered from COVID-19 very recently, masks must be worn during all indoor and outdoor activities; detailed guidance will be provided by Yale staff if this applies to you. Where masks are required, please plan to wear surgical, N95/KN95, or similar masks rather than a cloth mask alone. See Yale’s detailed Mask Guidance for more information.

In addition to testing requirements that apply prior to arrival (see the “Before the Program” section above), additional rapid testing may be required during the program; Yale will provide test kits to support any rapid testing requirement it implements.

This guidance, along with other university policies that govern the types of activities and catering service we can arrange, is subject to change at any time due to the evolving nature of the pandemic. Our team is developing layers of contingency plans to ensure your program delivers the best experience we can provide safely. Our learning delivery team will keep you informed of the latest protocols, beginning shortly before arrival and continuing through your program. We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation as we continue our best efforts to educate leaders for business and society through this period of uncertainty.

What if I've traveled to Yale and begin to feel ill while in a program?

If you feel unwell prior to your arrival, we ask that you stay home.  If you become ill while on campus, please alert a member of our team so we can best direct you to the appropriate healthcare resources.

What happens if someone in my program receives a positive result on a COVID-19 test?

All positive test results within the Yale campus community are referred to the Yale COVID-19 Outreach Team (YOT) to determine who may have been a close contact within the infectious period. YOT will then conduct notifications according to the facts of the situation and prevailing public health guidance. Quarantine requirements of close contacts vary according to the specifics of each individual’s vaccine and booster status. 

Notifications typically would not be issued for your entire program cohort in response to a single positive result, unless specific circumstances raise a concern about broader transmission. More details are available on Yale’s contact tracing page

Where can I find updates?

How can I learn about changes or updates relating to Yale University procedures or guidelines?

The situation continues to evolve quickly and we’re getting continuous and changing guidance from the U.S. and state governments. Yale will be posting updates to its COVID-19 Information website and its Twitter account, @Yale.