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[VIRTUAL] Successfully Riding the Corona-Coaster: Building and Sustaining Impactful Resilience and Wellness with Joy Baldridge

February 9, 2022, 12:00 pm–12:45 pm EST

How to successfully deal with the inevitable ups and downs in your day during COVID and beyond is what will be covered in this uplifting, engaging, energizing, and insightful keynote presentation. There is still a lot of uncertainty out there, but when nothing is certain, anything is possible! This content-rich presentation is custom-designed to meet your specific challenges head-on to achieve the best possible results. You will learn, and leave with the following:

  • The key to being flexible and adaptable
  • How to build your own individual resiliency strategy
  • Making the connection between resiliency and academic performance success
  • Adapting well and recovering quickly when faced with adversity
  • Being more self-aware and self-monitored regarding wellness and stressors
  • Planning specific ways to be and feel more connected to yourself and others
  • Achieving a renewed perspective, well-being, and way of life.
All who attend will leave with specific, proven, scientific practices they can immediately implement to build their own individual resiliency system to transform many old and existing habits into positive new ones. Additional benefits are: A renewed perspective on work and rest ratios, better clarity of thought and focused productivity, while feeling less anxiety and stress, and more control, and overall enjoyment, of your work and life.