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Investing in Nascent Climate Technologies

Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Wednesday, May 27 2020 at 4:00 - 5:30 pm EDT

New technologies are essential for solving the climate crisis in the 21st century. Any pathway to averting climate change depends, at some level, on breakthroughs in areas such as energy, transportation, and carbon removal. Without innovation in these areas, addressing climate change will be far more difficult, if not impossible.

Many investors are keen to help address the climate crisis, and they can have a crucial role to play in supporting nascent climate technologies. Please join for a lively online discussion on the unique challenges and opportunities of investing in nascent technologies that could critically reduce emissions.

The conversation will explore the current state of affairs for climate technology investing, including the potential implications of COVID-19.

Opening remarks by:
Jigar Shah, Co-Founder and President of Generate Capital
Richard Kauffman ’83, Chairman of the Board at NYSERDA Chair of Generate Capital

Namrita Kapur ’97, Adjunct Lecturer & Executive Fellow, Yale School of Management

Johanna Wolfson, Principal at Prime Impact Fund
Jake Harris, Associate, DBL Partners
Priscilla Tyler, Senior Associate, True Ventures

This event is co-sponsored by: