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How to Be A Champion... The Science of Winning and Losing, from Olympic Trials to Final Exams and Beyond

Tuesday, May 1 2018 at 4:30 - 5:30 pm

165 Whitney Avenu
New Haven, CT 06511
United States

Professor Zoë Chance hosts author Ashley Merryman for a discussion titled “How to Be A Champion…The Science of Winning and Losing, from Olympic Trials to Final Exams and Beyond.” In this speech, Merryman will explore performing under pressure. She will discuss what makes one person truly elite, while the other is an also-ran. She will explain how a difference in mindset—a simple shift from playing to win to playing not to lose—changes our strategy, psychology, even physiology. Merryman will explain how stress affects decision making, communication, and recall, then she’ll give you scientifically-proven strategies to overcome those nerves (whether during an upcoming final exam or a job interview). You’ll discover how to move past the fear of failure and perfectionism; you’ll learn how to ask for advice and help in a way that it’s inspiring, instead of demoralizing. Merryman will explain the factors behind mental toughness (a learned skill) and how the mentally tough prepare for a challenge. You’ll learn how military special operators keep their cool, while civilians prone to panic attacks feel doomed to yet more terror. She’ll reveal the mental strategies Olympians use to come back from defeat—how they use losses to win gold. This speech is about finding the champion in you.

This event is open to the Yale community.