Roger Davidson on What’s Ahead in the Grocery Retail Industry

There’s a shift going on [in the grocery retail industry]: You’re going to see Amazon/Whole Foods apply pressure from the top end, Aldi and Lidl growing rapidly from the value end, and Walmart emerging in a big way from the middle. Among the traditional retailers who rely on location to succeed and do not excel with regards to price, store experience, or e-commerce, you are going to see consolidation in the form of store closings, mergers, and acquisitions. Roger Davidson, former SVP of Procurement/Merchandising at HEB, Walmart, and Wild Oats

About the Event

Join the Retail Club and Marketing Club to hear from Roger Davidson, former COO of Supervalu. Davidson also has executive experience in food/grocery at Walmart, Wild Oats (now part of Whole Foods), HEB, and Ahold USA. 

Topics of discussion for this session are:

1. Overview of the organic foods / grocery industry
2. Disruption of online grocery shopping (Amazon Fresh, Peapod, Fresh Direct, etc.)
3. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and implications for the industry
4. Organic food trends and why businesses care

The session will include a tasting of organic vs. non-organic bananas—why they are different, why this matters to grocery stores and consumers, etc.

After the session, we will tour a local Whole Foods from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The in-store tour discussion topics will include:
1. In-store marketing (POP, end cap displays etc.)
2. Buyer & supplier relationships
3. Shelf space allocation
4. Any popular trends at Whole Foods / Amazon and its competitors

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