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MongoDB’s Meagen Eisenberg ’04 on the Value of Tenacity

When I think about my career and what’s really helped the most, it’s been tenacity and work ethic. Growing up, I would babysit, and my mother would say, ‘Be the best babysitter. Don’t sit on the couch and eat Cheerios and watch TV. Pick up the toys and play with the child. Make sure that you’re the best at it.’ I’ve taken that advice with me. In every job I’ve had, I would research and network and find out what people were doing and common best practices. When I was in Demand Gen, I was figuring out what technologies were available, and I was learning from other colleagues in Demand Gen. Now, every week, I’m talking with another CMO or VP of marketing, figuring out what they’re doing in this space, what technologies they’re using, what’s working. And I’m meeting with VCs to see where they’re investing and what technologies they’re working on. Build out your network and be the best you can in whatever role you have.Meagen Eisenberg ’04, CMO of MongoDB

About the Event

The Yale SOM Technology and Women in Management clubs host Meagen Eisenberg ’04, CMO of MongoDB, for a conversation about being a female executive in Silicon Valley. Eisenberg is a pioneering technology leader who’s been featured in multiple publications, including Forbes, for her work in driving forward new technology initiatives. During the presentation she will speak about her career journey and participate in a live question-and-answer session with the audience. 

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