Yale School of Management

Bruce Becker ’85 on an Integrated Approach to Design and Development

Club Event

I came to Yale SOM as a student pursuing a joint degree with the School of Architecture because I decided that I wanted to be able to control, create, and manage both the business side and the design side of projects and to approach them in an integrated way… Having my hands in both of these disciplines helps me because often I’ll find a design solution that also solves a budget problem or utilize a financing solution that allows me to address a design and planning priority. My competitive strength is being able to take on projects that wouldn’t be possible with the conventional design/development approach. Bruce Becker SOM/ARCH ’85, President, Becker + Becker

About the Event

SOM graduate and the developer of 360 State Bruce Becker SOM/ARCH ’85 will provide an overview of the business side of real estate development to include the financing of a project (capital sources, hard costs, soft costs, expected returns, etc.)