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Steve Kauderer ’89 of Bain on Creativity in Consulting

At Bain, we are doing quite a bit of work around disruption—and it’s really exciting to be at the forefront of that. Much of the work I do is often large and global and is literally looking at disrupting and changing the entire nature of insurance. You have these massive firms looking at how they can compete with a three-person startup in a garage in San Francisco. It’s challenging work: you have to figure out what will the future technology be? How do you mobilize a 50,000-person organization to change to match and compete with what those three people are doing? Consulting requires you to use the analytical part of your mind, but also to find ways to be creative. That mindset requires a new way of looking at and developing performance metrics, so that our clients can compete—and win—by using a new approach.Steve Kauderer ’89, partner at Bain & Company

About the Event

Steve Kauderer ’89, partner at Bain & Company, spoke as part of the Master of Advanced Management Colloquium, which convenes leaders of corporations and organizations to share their expertise with MAM students.