Global Network Week

March 14 – 18, 2016

Global Network Weeks give MBA students and faculty the opportunity to pursue intensive study at another network school, in a focused mini course that leverages the perspectives, programs, and faculty expertise of that school. 

Students choosing the Global Network Week at Yale SOM will learn about “Behavioral Economics, Marketing and Finance.” 

Other trips scheduled for the March 14-March 18, 2016 course:

Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines) “Sustainable Tourism” 

EGADE Business School (Santa Fe, Mexico) “Roadmap for Business Management in Latin America”

FGV-EAESP (Sao Paulo, Brazil) “Development of a Global Mindset: The Perspective of an Emerging Market”

Hitotsubashi ICS   (Tokyo, Japan)  “Innovation X Globalization: Japan Style”

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School (HKUST) (Hong Kong, China)  “Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise in Greater China” 

IE Business School (Madrid, Spain) “Europe at a Crossroads: Coping with the Crisis and Deriving Implications for the World”

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (Bangalore, India) “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Bangalore”

Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) “Fostering Growth in Family Businesses” 

Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile School of Business (Santiago, Chile) “Innovation in Business Models: The LatAm Way”

Renmin University of China School of Business (Beijing, China) “The Rise of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China”

Sauder School of Business UBC (Vancouver, Canada) “Clean Energy and Green Infrastructure – Innovation at the Nexus of Politics and Society”

Seoul National University GSB (Seoul, Korea) “Globalization in an Emerging Economy: The Case of South Korea”

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)  “The Start-Up Nation Experience”

Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics (Jakarta, Indonesia) “Local Start-up, Local Heroes”

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (Cape Town, South Africa) “Economics of Emerging Markets: Social Innovation and Business in Africa“

University of Ghana Business School (Accra, Ghana) “Contemporary Management Issues in Africa (Public Policy, Social Enterprise, NGOs, Ghanaian Financial System, Human Capital Development, Entrepreneurship)”

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) (Geneva, Switzerland) “Action 2020: Scaling up Business Solutions”


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