Yale School of Management

Students' New Venture Aims to Make Social Impact Through Beer

Club Event

Businesses are expanding into new neighborhoods in cities whether we like it or not—so we believe the true question is ‘Do we want those businesses to be responsible and inclusive to the community, or isolated and divisive?’ We think we can be inclusive and positive, and we hope to be a model to inspire other businesses to approach development with those goals in mind, as well.

—Tess Hart, SOM/FES ’17, cofounder of Triple Bottom Brewing Company with Bill Popwell ’16

About the Event

Triple Bottom Brewing Company is a socially and environmentally responsible craft brewery that Tess Hart SOM/FES ’17 and Bill Popwell SOM ’16 plan to start in Philadelphia after graduation. Out of all major U.S. cities, Philadelphia has the highest growth rate of millennials, an important segment of the craft beer market. In addition, Philadelphia has the nation’s second highest poverty rate, highlighting an opportunity for more social enterprises to make a positive impact. Triple Bottom Brewing Company will bridge the divide between two diverging communities: upper-/middle-class millennials and low-income families.

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