A Candid Talk with Women Professors at WIM Week Power Hour

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From left, Professors Sharon Oster, Fiona Scott Morton, Victoria Brescoll, and Heidi Brooks

As part of its annual WIM Week, the Women in Management club recently hosted the first WIM Power Hour, inviting four women faculty members—Sharon Oster, Heidi Brooks, Victoria Brescoll, and Fiona Scott Morton—to present, TED talk style, on an aspect of their careers, research, or lives that students would not know about through class. Students reported that listening to these accomplished women candidly share their experiences and insights was one of the highlights of the week. 

One of SOM's greatest assets is our incredibly accomplished female faculty. It may sound silly, but students have a celebrity-like worship for these professors. Hearing about their motivations, interests, and even failures was incredibly powerful. I can't recommend this event enough to next year's class.

—Charu Raghu ’16

It was truly a privilege to hear the stories that professors Brescoll, Brooks, Oster, and Scott Morton shared with us—stories of the families they come from, the fears they have triumphed over, the ideas that animate them, and the places that have shaped them.

I have a lot of respect for these four—gritty, quirky, and wry. But they didn’t become the women they are today without getting in the ring and fighting the good fight, perhaps more times than we realize. I left their talks today feeling moved, inspired, and illuminated, which feels so special, and so SOM. 

—Li Kehl ’16

In the informal setting of the WIM Power Hour, I felt fortunate to bear witness to a real treat: four inspiring women generous enough to share a glimpse into personal topics that defined their identities.

I sat captivated hearing about their areas of research, about the childhood experiences that motivated their commitment to excellence, and about the setbacks they faced while striving towards the pinnacle of their fields. I found myself in complete awe of their technical mastery, their eloquence, and the gravitas that they brought to the room. And yet at the same time I found myself dismayed and infuriated by the injustices that had been wrought upon them as women. In their stories I saw reflected the strength exhibited every day by females who have shaped my own life. The talks served as a reminder that each of us—regardless of our gender identity—has an obligation to foster a culture of respect at home, in the community, and at the workplace.

—Tanmay Manohar ’16

I loved the opportunity to get to know my favorite female professors better. The topics were diverse, and it allowed me to glimpse into another corner of their lives I otherwise never would have known about. The diversity of the topics also illustrates just what a melting pot Yale SOM is.

—Karen Chen’ 16

The event was a huge success in showing me a different facet of some of the most well-respected women at SOM, and through their life stories, I've learned that it doesn't take a straight path, or even a completely successful path to get to where they are! It's quite inspiring and makes me hope I'll be as well respected as them someday, too!  

—Tanvee Rao ’16

About the Event

Come hear some of SOM’s all star female professors give short, TEDTalk-style talks on an aspect of their lives, research, passions, or personalities we would not otherwise know about through classes with them.

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