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2010 Believers in Business Conference, New Haven, CT

Saturday, Feb 20 2010 at 2:30 - 11:00 pm EST

Mark your calendars for the 2010 Believers in Business Conference, a unique opportunity to promote learning and fellowship among graduate business school students of faith. Hosted by Yale School of Management Christian Fellowship, the conference will explore issues related to finding purpose and value in work drawing on Christian principles. This two-day event takes place in New Haven, Connecticut on February 19th and 20th, 2010. The goal of the conference is to give MBA students an opportunity to learn from and have access to business leaders who will share how they seek to integrate their faith and their work. These visiting CEOs and senior executives will talk about real business issues they encounter - whether particular to their industry sector and company, or more generally as part of life in the marketplace – and how they respond. Ample time is built into the agenda to engage them and yourself both during the program and informally. The dress code for this conference is business casual. Attendance is limited. Alumni are encouraged and invited to attend. You can also join us the night before for an optional time of fellowship and Bible study. We look forward to meeting you in New Haven.

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    Kim Yerino
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    GM Room, 55 Hillhouse Ave. New Haven, Connecticut USA