Ed Harrington '87 Helps Companies Innovate

May 29, 2013

Ed Harrington '87 was recently on campus to lead a group of Yale SOM students in a creative exercise to generate ideas for the One Yale initiative, an ongoing student-led effort to strengthen the ties between Yale SOM and the greater Yale University community.  While on campus, Ed talked to us about the process and impact if ideation.

Harrington is chairman of Ideas to Go, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm that creates innovative business solutions and marketing strategies. Harrington stressed that ideation is not a focus group. It's a very open, creative dialogue that involves thinking broadly about a problem, imagining solutions, and then narrowing them down to actionable plans.

"It really makes a difference to have good, creative thinkers in the room," Harrington said. "Ideation is about speaking up and being free to explore all possibilities. Nothing is off limits."