A Crazy Week!

May 31, 2007

What a crazy week. Not only did I move to New York and start my summer internship a great deal earlier than most of my classmates I also watched several of my good friends graduate over the weekend. Moving my belongings into a friend’s 5th floor walkup proved to be a more challenging task than I anticipated. Phew! I was tired for my first day. [Mental note to self: move more than 1 day prior to starting my full time position!] A 10 or 11 week internship leaves little time to get up to speed on an organization. I realized early last Monday when I started that I would need to hit the ground running! As the only SOM intern in my program I am looking forward to meeting other MBA students and learning about their experiences at their respective schools. Besides starting work this past Monday I said goodbye to so many great friends and mentors who are leaving SOM to become alumni. I remember countless times and hours that my second year friends helped me with recruiting and job search expertise this year. I never thought I would learn as much from my fellow students as I did in the classroom. I’m getting sentimental…… Anyways…. With so many of my fellow SOMers here in NYC this summer I am bound to have endless gatherings to attend. Hopefully I will be able to fit everything in without the need for a vacation!