Alumni Fund Volunteers

Serve as an ambassador for Yale SOM and make a difference in the lives of current students by volunteering for the Yale SOM Alumni Fund. Joining the Alumni Fund as a volunteer allows you to have a great impact on the school and stay connected with classmates.

In addition to helping the Alumni Fund meet its goals each year, volunteers help the school maintain a rich relationship with its alumni. The time commitment is small and the duties can be performed from anywhere in the world. Volunteer roles can be tailored to personal interests and can help in many ways, including:

  • Solicit classmates by signing letters and emails twice per year.
  • Thank classmates who have given.
  • Host gatherings to recognize Alumni Fund donors.
  • Lead by example and make an annual gift to the Alumni Fund each year by June 30.
  • Share in your social networks why you support the Yale SOM Alumni Fund.

    “One thing that makes SOM unique is our community.  I’m looking forward to this opportunity to work closely with my fellow alumni and keep them engaged with the school.”

– Becky Schamis ’00, Chair of the SOM Alumni Fund and Class Agent


Year    Class Agent

1978     Jonathan Fitch
1979     Ruth McMullin
1980     Edwin Moss
1981     Lise Pfeiffer Chapman
1982     Clark Herring
1983     Charles Zelle
1984     Carol Lovell
1985     Max Rosin
1986     Rachel Hines and Bo Hopkins
1987     Dawn Alexander
1988     Catherine Onyemelukwe and Bob knuth
1989     Dennis Scannel, Jr.
1990     Richard Freedman
1991     Sheila Chen Wang
1992     Susan Lauritzen
1993     Jonathan Jacobson
1994     John Glass
1995     Andrew Pfaff and Jeffrey Feldman
1996     Paul Keenan
1997     Amy Bevilacqua
1998     Philip Plottel
1999     Jennifer Zoga
2000     Becky Schamis
2001     Susan Thomas
2002     Terry Martorana
2003     Rumundaka I. Wonodi and Joyce Shen
2004     Gregg Sypeck
2005     Kavitha Bindra
2006     Michelle Nakara and Suzanne Decavele
2007     Gloria W. Shawber
2008     Jennifer Kasker
2009     Theodore DeWitt
2010     Brian McCurdy
2011     Casey Pickett
2011     Brad Galiette
2012     Dorothy Sandberg
2013     Volunteer Needed
2014     Hussain Al-Shibib, Jimmy Holloran, Maya Sudhakaran and Frances Symes
2015     Lauren Cohen, James Di Bartolo, Francis Lively and Nick Veltri
2016     Aaswaad Kalamkar and Benjamin March
2017     Lavinia Petrache