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Your gift to the Yale SOM Alumni Fund directly supports the school’s founding mission to educate leaders for business and society. As Yale SOM redefines management education through its integrated, globally oriented curriculum, the Alumni Fund provides critical resources for the school’s strategic priorities.

We are grateful that more than half of Yale SOM alumni again gave to the school’s Alumni Fund during fiscal year 2019, which ended June 30, 2019.  SOM alumni achieved a participation rate of 54.4%, which demonstrates the strength of the SOM community.  These important investments in the Yale SOM Alumni Fund are immediately put to use benefitting today’s students and faculty, and helping the school achieve its objectives.  With your gift today, you’ll continue this exciting momentum and join with your fellow alumni to exceed 50% participation in the Alumni Fund for the sixth year in a row.

The impact of collective giving by alumni worldwide is powerful as it supports:

  • Scholarships to attract top talent and loan forgiveness to support alumni working in the public or nonprofit sectors.
  • Curricular innovations, such as Yale SOM’s unique raw cases, integrated core curriculum, and online courses that connect students globally.
  • Research and teaching on emerging topics including mobile banking and sustainability.
  • Immersion learning opportunities for students, including Global Network Weeks and International Experience trips, as well as U.S. and global job treks.
  • Yale SOM centers and programs, including the Program on Social Enterprise and the Program on Entrepreneurship.  

Our alumni participation in giving and in service speaks volumes about how invested our alumni are in the life of the school. Last year, more than 1,850 alumni volunteered for SOM in some way. Alongside this spirit of service, setting a new benchmark for giving will reflect the fact that alumni continue to play such a big part in the success of the school.

– Joel Getz


Alumni Fund Participation

Yale SOM Alumni Fund Giving History

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Alumni Fund Volunteers

Serve as an ambassador for Yale SOM and make a difference in the lives of current students by volunteering for the Yale SOM Alumni Fund. Joining the Alumni Fund as a volunteer allows you to have a great impact on the school and stay connected with classmates. In addition to helping the Alumni Fund meet its goals each year, volunteers help the school maintain a rich relationship with its alumni. The time commitment is small and the duties can be performed from anywhere in the world.

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Yale SOM Alumni Fund Gift Designations

  • Dean's Priorities

    Provide flexible funds to meet emerging needs and underwrite progress that furthers the mission and aspirations of the school. To be a true pioneer in management education, Yale SOM must develop innovative programs and new initiatives as they become relevant. By directing Alumni Fund gifts to this area, donors enable essential activities that enhance SOM’s excellence.

  • Scholarships

    Help SOM stay competitive in attracting top students. The school spends almost $6 million annually for scholarships in the MBA, EMBA, and MAM programs, and existing scholarship funds cover less than one-third of this expense. Alumni Fund dollars can make a difference in how many scholarships are offered to outstanding students and how many of these students ultimately choose SOM over our competitors.

  • Loan Forgiveness

    Support eligible alumni working in the public or non-profit sectors, as well as L3C organizations and B corporations. Yale SOM’s generous educational loan forgiveness program was the first of its kind at a business school, and since 1986 SOM has provided more than $7 million in loan forgiveness to more than 400 alumni, with an increasing number of applications to the program each year. Recent recipients work for organizations including Achievement First, Kiva, and African Entrepreneur Collective. Alumna Hope Taylor Norman ’02 said, “I was able to follow a career dream due to the Yale SOM Loan Forgiveness Program. The Yale SOM Loan Forgiveness Program gave us the extra cushion we needed to take the financial risk and follow my dream.” To sustain this hallmark program, SOM spends more than $1 million per year. Alumni Fund gifts to Loan Forgiveness are critical to the school’s ability to fund the program.

  • Entrepreneurship Program

    Your support will help Yale SOM strengthen and expand its entrepreneurship curriculum and train the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. Yale SOM’s Program on Entrepreneurship serves as the academic home at Yale for entrepreneurship curriculum, complementing the extracurricular activities and programs happening across the campus. The Program is built on the conviction that entrepreneurs, like other leaders of organizations, must have a thorough command of the principles of leadership and management, and that entrepreneurial skills are valuable to leaders across all sectors. 

  • Faculty Research

    Yale SOM faculty are dedicated teachers and leading researchers who play an outsized role in shaping business theory, policy, and practice. Gifts directed to research have enabled Yale SOM to become a leader in the emerging field of behavioral finance, to produce significant work on competition and antitrust behavior, and to make important contributions to the fields of organizational behavior and ethical leadership, among others. Students get unparalleled access to this faculty expertise, thanks to the small faculty-to-student ratio and sense of community at the school. Gifts to support faculty research have enormous impact on the culture and character of the school as well as on the world beyond Yale.

  • Curriculum & Case Development

    Help Yale SOM enhance its signature integrated curriculum, which teaches students to approach management challenges with a nuanced understanding of how markets, organizations, and the global economy work. Throughout the curriculum, “raw” online cases train students to find solutions to complex and unstructured problems, like the ones they will encounter in their working lives. Ethical leadership and structured problem solving are woven through every course and case study. Gifts directed to curriculum and case development enhance the curriculum with new courses, initiatives, and programs, while further leveraging the strengths of the Global Network for Advanced Management and Yale University.

  • MBA for Executives Program

    Enable curriculum development and programmatic innovations in the MBA for Executives (EMBA) program. The EMBA program combines the rigor of Yale SOM’s integrated core curriculum and leadership development program with advanced study in a chosen area at the nexus of business and society: asset management, healthcare, or sustainability. Drawing on the expertise and knowledge of thought leaders from across Yale, the program provides students with a broad understanding of management and a deep knowledge of their industry.

  • Master of Advanced Management (MAM) Scholarships

    Donor support makes a difference in the number of scholarships Yale SOM is able to offer the ambitious and broad-minded students admitted to the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) program. The MAM is a one-year degree program at Yale SOM for exceptional MBA graduates from Global Network for Advanced Management schools who aspire to become global leaders for business and society. Current MAM students hail from thirty-two countries and a diverse array of industries, from advertising to aerospace. Tuition for the MAM program is the same as SOM’s full-time MBA program and can be prohibitive for potential students, especially those from emerging and developing countries.

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    The Yale School of Management is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. We see it as part of our mission to contribute to greater representation for underrepresented groups in management, and actively seek students with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and points of view. We aspire to build and sustain a welcoming community in which unique perspectives are heard and valued—and all students feel that they belong. Specifically, the fund would support initiatives for prospective and current students. C&I initiatives focus on promoting access to a Yale SOM education to under-represented markets, attracting an increasingly diverse student body to the school, and fostering an inclusive student community.