Yale School of Management

12Twenty FAQs

Thank you for your continued support and partnership with Yale SOM. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to access and navigate our recruiting platform (12Twenty). We are looking forward to working with you during the 2020-2021 School Year. If you have additional questions, please review our Recruiting Policies and/or email som.recruiting@yale.edu

Thank you again for your partnership!

To create a new account in 12Twenty:

How to submit a request in 12Twenty

To host On-Campus Interviews:

  • From Home page, click “+ Register” under “Register for OCI”
  • Fill out the required fields and click “Next”
  • Click “Yes” when the popup asks if you’d like to submit for approval now

To host an Event (i.e. Presentations, Workshops, Training Sessions, Coffee Chats):

  • Click “Events” on left-hand toolbar
  • Click “+ Host an Event” in the top right corner
  • Fill out the required fields, noting any comments in the “Other Information” field, and click “Submit”
  • Click “Submit” when the popup asks if you’d like to submit the event for approval now

To register for a Networking Event:

  • To view all Networking Nights, click on “+ Register” under the “Attend a Career Fair” section of your Home page
  • To register, select the event of interest
  • Click “Register” in the top right corner