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Get a glimpse into Yale SOM’s diverse and welcoming community.

Diversity at Yale SOM

  • BlackOut

    Students at BlackOut: A Celebration of Afro Heritage
  • Fempire Conference

    Organizers of Fempire: The Yale Conference on Women, Technology, and Power
  • Consortium

    Students in the Yale SOM Consortium Chapter
  • Veterans

    Members of the Yale SOM Veterans Club
  • Reaching Out Conference

    Community members at the Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA & Business Graduate Conference
  • Consortium

    Students at the Consortium’s annual Orientation Program
  • Fempire Conference

    A session at Fempire: The Yale Conference on Women, Technology, and Power
  • Latinx Night

    Students at Latinx Night, hosted by the Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students

Community Voices

Jon Okafor ’21

Jon Okafor=At Yale, there are students from vastly different walks of life. One week you may find yourself in five different groups working on very divergent projects. It forces you to engage with your classmates on a very intrinsic level and you learn about their motivations and their goals as well. By connecting with others and resonating with their experiences, I was able to expand my emotional and intellectual range.Jon Okafor ’21, on MBASchooled.com. Read more. .  

Patricia Daniel

Patricia DanielI had very low expectations starting my business school journey during a global pandemic. To say that I have been pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The genuine and almost tangible sense of community that initially drew me to SOM is still very much present. I think the reason for that is the common trait that attracted us all to SOM, an impregnable sense of purpose. This common trait allows us to break down the virtual barriers and still connect with each other at a deeper level despite our unfortunate circumstances. The fact that we are still able to do that speaks volumes on the strength and character of our community here at SOM. Patricia Daniel ’22, Community & Inclusion co-chair for Student Government at Yale SOM

Ivan Camponogara ’21

Ivan Camponogara=When I visited Yale SOM, I felt a strong sense of kindness and community there. Wherever you are whether it’s class discussions, new clubs, or social situations, everyone is very welcoming and makes sure that you are included. Additionally, I think Yale has a very humble culture where everyone around you is extremely accomplished but the focus is on improving further.Ivan Camponogara ’21, on MBASchooled.com.   Read more.    

The Community & Inclusion Team

Kristen Beyers

Kristen BeyersDiverse representation leads to stronger performance, so of course there’s a business case here. However, I’m most proud [of the fact] that SOM is focused not only on increasing student diversity to build a diverse pipeline but also on teaching students inclusive management skills, aligning with our goal to develop leaders for business and society. Kristen Beyers, Yale SOM’s director of Community & Inclusion, on the website of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management in December 2019. Read more.    


Student Clubs & Affinity Groups

With more than 50 student clubs, there are abundant opportunities for students to connect with others who share similar backgrounds, personal interests, and aspirations. Students are welcome to join clubs as identifying members or as active allies. Over 80% of the student body belongs to a diverse affinity club at SOM.

Student Community Resources

Diverse Student Organizations

  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Association
  • Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students
  • Black Business Alliance
  • Out of Office (LGBTQ+ Club)
  • Veterans Club
  • Women in Management
  • Yale Consortium Cohort

View a complete list of clubs...

View a complete list of clubs. If you’d like to find out more about a particular club, contact our Student Ambassadors, current Yale students who are available to talk with you about their respective organizations.

Demographic Information

Data Intro

For demographic information, view class profiles for Yale SOM’s master’s degree programs.