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Karen Brooks Hopkins
May 26, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise Blog

The Role of Arts Organizations in Anchoring Community Economic Development

In her recently published book, “BAM...and Then It Hit Me,” Karen Brooks Hopkins, President Emerita of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), looks back on her 36-year trajectory with the BAM - America’s oldest performing arts cent

April 01, 2022 MBA Blog Blog

Driving Sustainable Change in Kenya through Global Social Entrepreneurship

Anna Eapen ’23 says the GSE experience has provided space to own a social impact project and engage in deep learning throughout the semester.

Can companies be "net positive"
March 31, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise Blog

Can companies be “net positive” for society? Paul Polman, former Unilever CEO, thinks so.

Early in his tenure as Unilever’s CEO, Paul Polman started thinking about the implications of infinite capitalism on a finite planet.

Olivia Watkins
March 31, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise

Creating a Financial Vehicle that Black Farmers Can Trust: A Conversation with Olivia Watkins of Black Farmer Fund

On February 16th, 2022, the Center for the Business and the Environment at Yale (CBEY) welcomed Olivia Watkins, Co-Founder and President of the Black Farmer Fund.

Blair Miller
January 27, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise

Aligning Profit and Purpose

Often when people hear about impact investing, they assume it requires sacrificing financial returns for impact.

Chuck Slaughter
January 26, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise

Digital Transformation in the Social Sector

On December 8, 2021, the Social Impact Lab heard from Chuck Slaughter, an experienced social entrepreneur, and SOM alumnus. Mr.

Students at SOM
January 25, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise

Net Impact Case Competition

"You have from now until 2 am to make your final edits to the presentation, then be ready early tomorrow morning to present to the client".

Tess Hart
January 21, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise

Social Entrepreneurship with Triple Bottom Brewing Company

On November 10, 2021, Yale’s SOM Social Impact Lab welcomed Tess Hart MBA/MEM ’17, co-founder and CEO of Triple Bottom Brewing Company, one of only a handful of Certified B-Corp breweries in the United States.

Sri Misra
January 10, 2022 Program on Social Enterprise News

“Purpose Capitalism”: Sri Misra’s Vision & Impact through Milk Mantra

On October 27, 2021, Yale SOM’s Social Impact Lab welcomed Sri Misra, founder and CEO of Milk Mantra.

Net Impact
October 15, 2021 Program on Social Enterprise News

Net Impact Kickoff Event 2021

SOM’s social impact club leaders joined in welcoming the Class of 2023 through the Net Impact Kickoff Event, in which second-year club leaders had the opportunity to share details of the clubs’ missions and activities.