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Influence is Your Superpower. Headshot of Zoe Chance and image of yellow book cover.
July 05, 2022

The Pursuit of Influence

SOM Marketing lecturer Zoe Chance describes the basic tools that all marketers can harness to get people to say “yes,” from influencing internal stakeholders to making it easier for consumers to act on their intentions.

Cass Sunstein pictured next to his book, 'Sludge: What Stops Us From Getting Things Done and What to Do About It'
July 05, 2022

Sludge slows consumers down. Often, it’s frustrating. Sometimes, it’s necessary.

Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein speaks about his new book, 'Sludge: What Stops Us from Getting Things Done and What to Do About It.'

planting an idea
May 17, 2022

Getting It Wrong: How Imaginary Trends Can Shape Consumer Behavior and Impact ESG Campaigns

New research from Yale SOM Professor Jason Dana illuminates the importance of measuring not only actual trends, but believed trends. 

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