Search Fund Company Boards: How CEOs Can Build Boards to Help Them Thrive


Search funds often catapult young, first-time entrepreneurs into the CEO position of an ongoing concern of some size. As talented and ambitious as these young CEOs are, they, nonetheless, generally lack executive experience. If rookie CEOs properly constitute and consult the company's board, however, they will find that the board can provide valuable guidance and oversight. 

 This note discusses 1) How search fund company boards are different; 2) How an entrepreneur should go about constituting the board; 3) How the CEO prepares for a board meeting; 4) How the CEO conducts the board meeting; and 5) The board member's responsibilities.

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A.J. Wasserstein and Jason Pananos, "Search Fund Company Boards: How CEOs Can Build Boards to Help Them Thrive," Yale SOM Case 18-017, August 10, 2018

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  • Search Funds
  • board meetings
  • Entrepreneurship
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