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Searching for a Search Fund Structure: A Student Takes a Tour of Various Options


Before entering the Yale SOM (School of Management), James Guba (SOM’18) had thought about becoming an entrepreneur. He did not have a specific idea to build a business around, but he did aspire to take charge of an organization and grow it. At Yale, Guba discovered an entrepreneurial niche called “search funds” that would allow him to acquire and lead a company that he had not built from scratch. But as Guba discovered while taking Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, not all search funds are structured in the same way. His instructor encouraged Guba to meet with search fund entrepreneurs who had taken different paths to building their funds.

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A. J. Wasserstein, "Searching for a Search Fund Structure: A Student Takes a Tour of Various Options," Yale SOM Case 17-016, August 18, 2017

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