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ABC Childcare "My Hands are Tied"

Program on Nonprofit Organizations (PONPO)

Elizabeth Green is the Executive Director of ABC Childcare, a financially burdened nonprofit childcare center loosely affiliated with a local YMCB in Central Massachusetts. The YMCB's efforts to centralize operations had been costlier than expected, resulting in a newly imposed salary freeze for all educators and administrators. 

Dissatisfaction among YMCB employees was smoldering, and teachers were increasingly tense. Elizabeth felt that without the ability to offer even the most modest of raises, she could not overcome her teachers' waning motivation. Furthermore, she became concerned about the longer-term implications. Could she and her associates develop a strategy to re-energize teachers?

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Sigal G.Barsade, Carrie Frank, Pom Kim, Ruth Landsberg, Akihiko Shiba and Chang Su, "ABC Childcare 'My Hands are Tied'," PONPO Case CNG #24, March 2001

  • Nonprofit governance
  • Women in Leadership
  • Employee/HR
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Social Enterprise