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Case Study Approach

An overview of case writing for educators, students and case editors.

Raw and cooked

At the Yale School of Management cases come in two “flavors”: cooked and raw. Both raw and cooked cases have their virtues and their drawbacks.

Educators: Raw case tips

Instructors can use raw cases in the same way as a paper-based case. However, many raw cases present pedagogical challenges in terms of the amount of material presented and the diverse perspectives considered. Nonetheless, the challenges can become opportunities.


A team of faculty members and case editors is typically involved in producing a single case study. For raw cases, a producer and video editor will also lead the development of multimedia that will be presented via the web.

Case study basics

At the heart of an effective case study is a dilemma. The dilemma does not exist in nature – the author builds the dilemma over the course of the case study. Ultimately, the case is about the decisions faced by managers.

Students: How to consume a raw case

There is a lot of information in a raw case. If you are working alone you will have to prioritize what you look at and read. If you are working in a group, you may want to divide responsibilities for what each person will examine.