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Yale SOM in Africa: South Africa and Kenya, Part II

As director of community and inclusion at Yale SOM, I traveled in West Africa on behalf of the school with the Yale Africa Initiative, meeting with Yale alumni, prospective students, schools from the Global Network for Advanced Management, and Africa-based companies and organizations.

Part II: South Africa and Kenya

Awethu Project in Johannesburg

July 2015

It was wonderful to have lunch with 2 current MBA students (Sarah Lockridge-Steckel and Tosin Agbabiaka JD/MBA) to learn more about their interesting internships at the Awethu Project, an incubator and venture fund focused on fostering South African entrepreneurs. It was fascinating to learn more about the company and to hear about their experiences living and working in Johannesburg.

Company Visits at the Offices of The World Bank, IFC, and IBRD in Nairobi

July 2015

We had a great visit to the World Bank Group offices in Nairobi. We had an opportunity to speak with hiring managers from the IFC and the IBRD to learn more about what they look for when sourcing interns and full-time post-MBA employees. In addition we had a full house of over 25 current World Bank employees who were interested in learning more about an MBA at Yale SOM. The passion and commitment to working at the intersection of business and society that we heard from all that we met—resonates well with the type of students and careers we look for here at SOM.