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Yale EMBA Orientation: First Impressions & 71 New Friends

The Yale MBA for Executives experience begins with a weekend orientation and two in-residence weeks that include accelerated academic coursework, workshops, and social events. Five students from the Class of 2018 are sharing their experiences along the way.

On Friday, July 29, 2016, I was introduced to my seventy new classmates who I would embark on a wonderful journey with for the next 22 months.  That journey is the Yale MBA for Executives at the School of Management as members of the Class of 2018.  To say the room was filled with excitement would be an understatement.  All of us come from different professional backgrounds and have traveled from such a wide range of places, whether it is taking the train from Grand Central in New York City, or the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.  Many of our classmates flew in from all around the country including Boston, Dallas, Houston and Seattle to join me for this new academic adventure.  Most impressive though is that a handful of our classmates had to even stop at customs as they are traveling from other countries for this program!

Most of us have spent the last year preparing for this very day.  I personally had always wanted to pursue an MBA but the other executive programs that I had researched never seemed to be the right fit.  When I found the Yale MBA for Executives, I knew I had found the program I had always been looking for. 

This program is special for so many reasons, but what really defines this program is the opportunity to be a part of the Yale community. 

We are not taking our classes online or taking a different curriculum than the in residence students.  We are in the same twenty two month program as our in residence peers and will be on campus every other weekend for the next twenty to months following this two week in residence session as we learn to balance full time course work and our full time jobs.

After orientation that evening, we all left Evans Hall together and headed back to our “dorm” (we are residing in the Omni for the semester together to make sure we get the full MBA experience).  What made this exit special is that I knew I was leaving there with seventy new friends for life.  These men and women are going to be the ones that challenge me to think in new and creative ways.  In ten short hours that day, I had already seen the profound impact this program was going to have on my life, both personally and professionally.  I can’t wait to see what the next twenty two months has to bring!  Stay tuned…

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Heather Masciotti

EMBA Candidate, Class of 2018