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Where did summer go?

Well I have reached week 12 of my summer internship and am beginning to wrap up projects while continuing to network like mad and beginning to contemplate what Fall recruiting will like for myself and my fellow classmates. But with the end of my internship marks a fun adventure for the duration of my summer as I will be traveling to India, along with some of my classmates, to essentially begin school early. About 25 second years have been selected to participate in an elective titled "Global Social Entrepreneurs." The course partners 5 student teams, of 5 students each, with NGO's in India. Each organization has a different goal and teams of students will be traveling in August to begin the data collection, project scope definition process. The teams will then research and work on deliverables throughout the course of the semester with the class culminating with student teams (those that did not travel in August) traveling to India to present findings/recommendations to our respective NGO. I'm sure there will be many more stories to come with regard to this trip and project and I'm looking forward to the experience!