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What to Do After Hitting ‘Submit’

You’ve spent countless hours on test prep, pored over your essays, revamped your résumé, and put the finishing touches on your application. You’ve hit the “submit” button. Now, you spend your time anxiously checking your email, refreshing your status page, and waiting.

November 15, 2017

I want to suggest a few constructive things that you can do to redirect your anxieties instead of playing the “waiting game.” I also want to give you an insider’s view of what happens to your Yale SOM application after you hit “submit,” so you don’t have to scour the web searching for answers.


Give yourself a huge pat on the back, and treat yourself to something nice! Making the decision to apply and assembling the components of the Yale SOM application take a lot of energy and effort, so you’ve earned it! A quick weekend getaway or mini staycation will help you recharge, refocus, and prepare for the next steps. Oh, and of course, remember that your recommenders deserve some thanks, too! Thanking your recommenders and keeping them updated on your progress is a good idea and will leave a good impression the next time you ask for a reference. If you want to really show your appreciation, skip the email and opt for a handwritten thank you note. The extra effort won’t go unnoticed, and a physical note will hang around a lot longer than an email sandwiched in between work messages and annoying SPAM.

What are the next steps?

Following the application deadline, the Office of Admissions will reach out to you if you are missing any materials—this includes recommendations, test scores, and transcripts. The members of the admissions committee will closely read each application, and then decide which applicants will move on to the next stage of the process: on-campus interviews. If you are invited to interview, you will receive an email within two weeks of the application deadline. Once you schedule your interview day, your employer approval form will be sent to the individual you identified in the application for completion. Our application round timelines can be a helpful reference to use for blocking potential interview dates on your calendar.

Refocus, and be confident!

If you’ve been invited to interview, you’ve hopefully taken my first piece of advice and had some time to relax. If not, there’s still time to have a little celebration and de-stress. While it’s easy to be worried or anxious, be confident by reminding yourself that the admissions committee liked you enough to invite you to interview. The most productive way to refocus prior to your interview is to revisit your application. Your essays and résumé are full of great talking points to consider when responding to the questions you can expect from any interview, such as “Why did you apply?” or “Walk me through your résumé”. Re-familiarizing yourself with the Yale MBA for Executives program by reading through our blog, watching our community profiles, or reaching out to students or alumni you’ve been in contact with are all  productive and exciting ways to prepare as well.

What is the interview process like?

The interview day isn’t just an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know you better; it’s also an opportunity for you to get to know Yale SOM better. You will have two short interviews, an hour-long group discussion with other interviewees led by a faculty member, and several optional activities like sitting in on a class or having lunch with current students. The two short interviews are 30 minutes long and conducted one-on-one by members of the admissions committee, alumni, or faculty. The hour-long group discussion is led by a faculty member and is related to the faculty member’s interest or area of expertise; a short reading or article will center the discussion. Interviewees will receive an itinerary for their interview day a few days before their scheduled visit. Our goal is to be transparent throughout the admissions process, so relax— we aren’t trying to surprise or trick you!

What should I do after interviewing?

Celebrate again! You’ve made it to the final stages of the admissions process, which is no small feat. Following your interview, the admissions committee will meet again to discuss your application, including feedback from your interviews. The admissions committee will make final admissions decisions following your interview day, and those decisions will be released according to our application round timelines.

If you’re still left with questions about the process, you are always welcome to email us. I hope that my advice has been helpful and that the application process has been rewarding. Regardless of where you choose to pursue your MBA, I hope that you take some time to congratulate yourself and celebrate a little! You’ve earned it.

Reilly Hartigan
Assistant Director of Admissions, Yale MBA for Executives

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