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A Warm Interlude

We have had a spat of warm days. Breaking 40F, don't get too excited--nevertheless, it has reminded me that, unbelievably, Spring will come eventually. We are reaching the time of year when second years are starting to think of re-entering the real world, post May, and, first years are starting to assume more leadership in the school.{C}{C} This past week I:- Was entertained by my classmates and Miller High Life at the SOM Star Search talent show, in support of the Internship Fund (which raised a breath-taking $21K this past week, great job Class of 2010!).- Visited the North Haven Town Hall, as part of my assignment for Principles in Commercial Real Estate with Kevin Gray. I researched a property (taxes, deed, zoning, etc). Very friendly folks, expensive photocopying.- Learned about Canada from the Canadian Club's International Week presentation. Who knew the Canadians loved animals so much? Lots of beavers and loons.- Watched My Sassy Girl while munching on gimbap, courtesy of the Korean Club.- Met with the Arts & Culture Club to plan our "What is Art" lecture by our classmate, Bradley Bailey (Candidate for PhD at the Yale Art School and MBA). Our mission is to never hear "My 2 year old could do that" ever again at the MOMA. At least, not from an SOM grad.