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Wait, orientation is over?

A quick survey of my classmates Facebook statuses (stati? stata?) reveal that we are all pretty much a) working on our reading for assorted classes or b) ruing the end of orientation and the beginning or "real school" or c) both Orientation was very much a whirlwind that has been summarized better by fellow bloggers who are much more eloquent than I am so I will leave that be...although I will add that the reception we had by the faculty in Woolsey Hall was pretty amazing. It was interesting to meet with a lot of the professors in a non-class setting and, might I add, take in some more fantastic Yale architecture.Mind boggling as the faculty's accomplishments are, I think having a very diverse student body will also be a valuable part of the SOM experience. I have a side deal with one of my classmates who was an investment manager to help me with accounting in return for statistics tutoring. I think it speaks to the faculty's ability to engage with our fairly small class size that in an introductory economics class the doctors were as involved as the private equity folks. Most of my classes have met at least once and its nice to have had a mixed bag - between the more quantitative and qualitative ones. What's been really cool is that there are no classes I've had that fall squarely into one or the other bucket. We've talked about the "simple beauty of the fundamental accounting equation" and factor analysis in organizational behavior. I guess we did sign up for the integrated curriculum! There's also been a fair amount of work - we certainly hit the ground running. For something as involved as business school, I think that is probably the way to go. Although, if it keeps up, this blog may get replaced by a Twitter feed. Finally, on a note very close to my heart - best food truck: The Bengali Burrito. Just pretend you don't know what transfats are and you'll love it.