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Video: The Yale SOM Community

Ask students to name their favorite things about Yale SOM and the school’s sense of community is invariably on the list.

As one of the smallest top business schools, Yale SOM has always been tight knit; students build relationships with faculty and get to know a diverse group of peers through classes, social events, and late-night study sessions.

But go a little deeper and you’ll see that what makes the Yale SOM community special stretches far beyond making close friends or even building a powerful network. Students are ambitious but collaborative, working together on everything from class projects to the job search to launching new businesses. It’s an ethos that pushes students to go beyond their comfort zones and get more out of their time at the school.

“People are always challenging each other to stretch themselves and take on new experiences,” says Vishal Banerjee ’16. “It forces you to grow as a person and really make an impact.”