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Update from New Orleans

Internship is off with a bang, and i couldn't be happier. Although the work is pretty stressful. And the summer has been road-breakingly hot. No, really, roads are breaking because of the heat, the index has hovered around 110 or so for the last two weeks. Anyways, I'm working through the city to create an independent non-profit organization to manage citizen "evacuteers" (read: combination of evacution and volunteer.) During mandatory city evacuations for hurricanes and emergencies, it takes a lot of civilian help to move high-need residents without any other means out of Orleans Parish and to safety- that's our gig. Things are rolling, got our articles, by-laws, MOUs, launch party next week, trainings starting in 2 1/2: it's very, very cool. Big ups to Brian Murray for his OrgEff presentation on starting 501(c)3's that I refer to probably 3 times a day, and to Jody and Carrie McLean for giving me non-profit accounting advice. And finally, of course, biggest ups to the Internship Fund for making my work possible. So yeah, definitely not your normal internship, but believe me, it's been exciting. Two days ago I was looking through my Employee notes trying to figure out ideal organizational architectures for our executive officers and our board of directors. 30 minutes ago I'm looking through Art's queueing notes to get a sense of whether the current system is moving people out of the city as fast as it possibly can, and where to put manpower to improve the process. Oof and a half. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else is up to. Best. g-mo