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Uh, those good ol' days...

The heat is really on, folks! Seat belt fastened or not, you are going to be tossed about in the centrifuge. The long weeks before seem like a joke now. Sample this:

  1. 8 assignments and 24 presentations (there’s nothing wrong with your eyes or the screen, it actually was 24) in a span of 4 days accompanied by follow-up emails to display your life-long passion for the company.
  2. A liberal dose of Cobb Douglas Production functions with isoquants, isocosts and solvers vying for airtime.
  3. Unintelligible ‘p’s and their crazier counterparts '(1-p)’s getting all mixed and muddled in the cauldron of samples and populations.
  4. A slightly more mellowed ROIs, ROEs, leverages and NPVs but equally crazy for me nonetheless.
  5. Formulating strategy for Carlyle to buy x% in y company in z country using the ABP framework (if you don't know what ABP is, don't worry, I don't either!).
  6. Calculating the Emotional Intelligence and effectiveness of LGP!!! (now what's that?? ummm... it's Learning Group Peers, I think!).
  7. And the cream... Reflecting on ourselves, packaging the reflections to be our best self and selling it to all and sundry.. now that's a first-hand shot at marketing! Hmmm, we are getting good at this!!
  8. Don't worry about the lectures on international trips and the fact that some of us would do well to learn a bit of Japanese. Oh, I almost forgot - some of us, the greatest of the naives (and that's an euphemism) actually went and signed up for a professional communication skills course! The budding MLKs are really not expected to spend more than just a few hours each week!! A pretty cool week - a few more like these and I might actually start thinking of taking up an i-banking job (oops.. sorry, it's just 'banking', not 'i-banking', remember?) Gotta go. I need to catch up with some sleep. Uh, those good ol' days...