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Three Perspectives on Impact Investing

Kristina Whyte ’18 explains what led her and two other MBA for Executives students to launch “Impact on Record,” a new podcast that explores the risks, challenges, and realities of impact investing.

June 21, 2017
From left: Kodjo Adovor ’18, Jenny Chan ’18, and Kristina Whyte ’18

A bottle of wine and great conversation on a train ride from New Haven to Grand Central Station led to the launch of Impact on Record, podcast on impact investing that takes a deeper dive into the realities, dreams, and skepticism that exist in the impact investing space.

The Impact on Record trio includes Kodjo Adovor ’18 (The Dreamer), Jenny Chan ’18 (The Skeptic), and Kristina Whyte ’18 (The Realist). We three Executive MBA students at Yale SOM have merged our passion for social impact and professional background in finance into a podcast that challenges the meaning of risk-adjusted returns in the impact investing arena.

Podcast guests include impact investing pioneer Charly Kleissner, founder of KL Felicitas Foundation and Toniic; John Denniston, founder of Shared-X and keynote speaker at Yale’s 2017 Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference; Joan Trant, director of marketing at TriLinc Global; Dave Kirkpatrick, co-founder of SJF Ventures; and Cary Krosinsky, professor, consultant, and author on sustainability and investing. Future podcast guests will include investors and financiers, advisory firms, social entrepreneurs, educators, and the impacted.

The Impact on Record trio wanted to highlight the work of influencers and pioneers of impact investing but also to capture the voices of those being impacted, by this new wave of capital. Together they will learn and share more about impact investments and the future of social impact investing.

Listen to Impact on Record on Soundcloud and iTunes. If you haven’t heard it here it’s not on Record!


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Kristina Whyte

MBA for Executives candidate, Class of 2018