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The Spirit of SOM

There’s something about Yale SOM. Every year there is a new class, there are new cases, and yet one thing remains the same. The community continues to care.

Today the first year students are having their first exam on campus. Just as the second years before us, we showed up to cheer them on. My classmates who were there to support me when going through our core classes took the time out from their afternoon to show empathy for a new generation of SOMers. It didn’t stop there.

Mo Schoenthal ’16 does many wonderful things on campus but one thing she does exceptionally well is to go the extra mile. She runs the buddy program where second years mentor first years. Her bright idea was to encourage second year buddies to write a little note and put a little gift in the mailbox of our first year buddies. The good feeling running through Evans Hall is palpable.

I broke my right wrist the Friday before class started (I am right-handed). I have six months before I’ll be able to play sports again, and everyone knows how much I love rugby, crew, squash, volleyball, softball (the list is endless, as is the number of injuries I’ve had this year). In every class, I’ve had multiple offers for note takers. In every interaction on campus, from professors, staff, and students, I have been given the most sincere sympathy. In every moment that I struggle with recovery, the friends I’ve made at Yale come to my aid (so many people bought me milk!).

Yale SOM is magical place because…

There are no words, so you’ll just have to come to campus and see for yourself!