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The South Sea Bubble: 26 February 1720

February 26, 2020

The South Sea Bubble of 1720

On this date 300 years ago: 26 February 1720

“The movement under the share traders is very large, and the public funds are rising considerably: in particular the shares of the South Sea Company, which climbed yesterday to 177 and today to 184 and people are confident that they will rise to 200, and even above there...This will enable the company to make considerable distributions, even after she will have to increase their funds by 20 new millions, because annuity shares are at 200.” —Excerpt from the Leydse Courant, a Dutch newspaper, about the news on 26 February 1720.

26 February 1720
Excerpt from the Leydse Courant , a Dutch newspaper, about the news on 26 February 1720.

As a reminder, the ICF is looking back at the first global financial bubble that occurred 300 years ago in 1720 in Paris, London and the Netherlands and we are posting various newspaper clippings from the Leydse Courant related to the South Sea Bubble of 1720 throughout the year.

P.S. Thanks to Professor Geert Rouwenhorst for translating!


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