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The Sonnenfeld Shout-out

There have been a lot of memorable moments in the first year of business school here at SOM. It’s really incredible to stop and think about how much we’ve experienced since arriving in New Haven in August (the International Experience, the Internship Fund, Harvard-Yale, Cohort Olympics, Econ with Oster). Last night, however, was one of the more memorable and humorous moments of all. During our Leadership Through Adversity session (a small elective course), Dean Jeff Sonnenfeld quietly left class to give a brief interview for CNBC where he roasted some pundits and - while we were watching the live broadcast - gave us a shout-out. He returned to uproarious applause and finished a fantastic class that featured Bill Roberti and Becky Kanis. It was awesome. - Short clip of the interview. - His reference is to Janis Karpinski, last week's guest speaker and center of the Abu Ghraib saga, who also happens to be on the front page of CNN. Two weeks ago, Dean Sonnenfeld also brought in Ted Turner and Ned Lamont for a very candid and colorful chat with a small group of students. What’s most amazing about the course, however, is not just the guest speakers or the CNBC shout-outs. The course material and lessons learned from co-lecturer and decorated hero/scholar Col. Tom Kolditz about decision-making in crisis situations have been some of the most memorable of the year.