Yale School of Management

The Second Best Week of the Year

April 1, 2007

Next to the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, Masters’ week has to be my favorite week of the year. The tournament signals the unofficial beginning of spring and I can start to hear my golf clubs calling me. I’m not really big on the splendor of sights and things like that, but watching The Masters on TV (especially HDTV) is such an experience. I haven’t had the privilege of attending the event live, but my father has gone a couple of times and he says that TV doesn’t do the course justice. I can’t wait for Thursday!! I’m hoping this is going to be a fruitful week on the summer internship search. I put out a few feelers in the hedge fund and VC/PE arenas so hopefully they will come through. The CDO (Career Development Office) here is a great resource. I tried to do a lot of the job search stuff on my own and when I had exhausted everything I could do I made an appointment and by the time I had left my meeting with the head of finance at the CDO, Kristin Irish, I had a ton of things to do. We went over my resume and tweaked a few things, she went over some opportunities that were coming up and pointed out others I might be interested in, and she also told me to get in touch with the head of the MBA-E program here. The MBA-E program is a program for executives in the healthcare arena. Since I have a background in healthcare, we both felt that this would be a good avenue to go down. I contacted the head of the program, Randy Johnson, and he gave me four individuals with whom I could speak. I’m still waiting to hear back on my applications for the jobs and the e-mails I sent, but hopefully it will turn up something good for the summer.

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