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The Mad Dash of May

Hello readers and welcome to the month of May - the final month of my 2 year MBA at Yale SOM. Its a scary thought and one that I numb my mind to, I really don't want to admit it's all coming to an end. As for the items left on my plate during this last month- May brings a mixed bag of feelings and activities - on the one hand I have to think about 2 final ten page papers and 1 final exam... but on the other hand the social activities are PACKED. For academic stuff I have actually procrastinated a little less than I usually do. In an uncharacteristic move I've already finished one of these final papers earlier this week, even though its not due till May 12. Why would I do such a thing? Well, the next few weekends are pretty much blocked off for social activities, which leaves very little time to do school work. But the social calendar is certainly looking quite robust - Some highlights coming in the next few weeks include:

  • Trip to Boston to tour the Sam Adams brewery and catch a baseball game at Fenway Park (this weekend)

  • Trip to NYC to watch a live taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (May 7th)

  • An evening of bowling with the Dean of Yale SOM- Dean Podolny, one of the prizes I won at the Internship Fund this year (Evening of May 8th)

  • Weekend trip to Cleveland to catch a Jays vs Indians baseball game, eat Chinese food, and a visit to Cedar Point, a good old fashioned amusement park (May 9th - 11th)

  • Wine tasting with marketing professors, another internship fund purchase (May 13th)

  • Big end-of-year birthday bash for 2 of my good friends at Hula Hanks, one of my favorite cheesy but fun clubs in New Haven (evening of May 14th)

  • Class trip to Hollywood Florida at the Hard Rock Cafe (May 16th - May 19th)

And on top of all this, I'm hoping to fit in a few trips to New York City to find an apartment, which I'm pretty much willing to sign for now so long as its less than $2100, somewhere in Manhattan in a couple of neighborhoods that I've identified, and has some sort of sleeping loft (ideally). So that's it from me - the next weeks promise to be a whirlwind of social events, paper writing, exams, and some treks to New York City for apartment hunting. In the meantime, I'll close off this entry with yet another collage of pictures taken from this week - some of them are from a bbq held at a Professor's house (Professor Sonnenfeld was very kind to invite the entire "Strategic Leadership Across Sectors" class to his swanky home in Branford for a open bar BBQ), as well as some pictures from a friend's birthday dinner at Seoul, a decent Korean restaurant here in New Haven.