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The Luxury of Returning

It is such a luxury to return to school after working in the real world for the summer. My summer internship was amazing--but after 12 intense weeks it was pretty cushy to say "it's been fun, see you later, I'm going back to being a student for 9 more months." I have been so happy to return to New Haven. I have been really happy to see my SOM friends again--this is the last time we will all be in one place again. On the first, my friends know me as a native New Yorker, but I love living in New Haven. It has a little bit of everything--Thai Pot, Euphoria hairdresser, Woodlands coffee shop, Nikka's for italian sandwiches, IKEA (gold), and with the intellectual heartbeat from the University--museums, concerts, lectures, galleries, book shops. A30 minute drive takes you into the Connecticut countryside of farmstands and nature hikes. Later today I'll get on a 2 hour train for a party in NYC. Second year also means I can slip right back into my social network here, with the bonus of meeting another class of friendly people. Yesterday I announced to my friend I wanted to go to the beach, and while we were there in Hammonasset, she heard that a bunch (read, 30) of people were going to the Place. We brought some beer to this BYO-everything-but the grilled fish. Coincidentally, a load of first years were at the next few tables. We were wondering, how did they get so smart? It took us a year to find this place!