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The Countdown Begins

This month marks an exciting milestone in the history of Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives program. In a few weeks, members of the Class of 2016, the first class spanning focus areas in healthcare, asset management, and sustainability, will begin their MBA education together.

For the admissions and marketing team, it has been an exciting year. We’ve launched new campaigns, traveled the length and breadth of the country, and talked to numerous prospective candidates about Yale SOM’s mission to educate leaders for business and society. Our alumni and professors have supported and guided us every step of the way.

June 27 was an especially exciting day for us. We got to meet enrolled and admitted members of the Class of 2016 at a special event welcoming the incoming class. Members of the Class of 2015, professors, and alumni came together to greet the newest members of our community. The day also served as an introduction to Edward P. Evans Hall, a building that manifests physically Yale SOM’s values of  transparency, extended lines of sight, and, through state-of-the-art classrooms, commitment to dynamic debate and dialog.

Our guests joined the Class of 2015 to observe a case taught by Senior Associate Dean David Bach and Professor Nathan Novemsky. The case, part of Integrated Management Perspectives, examines Hearst Magazines International’s expansion of Cosmopolitan magazine to India and China. There was one surprise participant in the discussion: George Green, the former CEO of HMI and the case protagonist, who joined in by phone.

In keeping with Yale’s nature as a company of scholars, a society of friends, EMBA alumni and professors joined a networking reception in Bekenstein Atrium to start getting to know the Class of 2016. A special thank you to faculty who shared part of their Friday evening with our group—“supportive,” “encouraging,” and “amazingly accessible” are just a few of the adjectives used by our visitors to describe them.

The day concluded with a session with Yale SOM’s director of entrepreneurial programs, Professor Kyle Jensen. The modified “Shark Tank” event—Professor Jensen dubbed it a “Tuna Tank”—featured pitches from SOM entrepreneurs to a crowded room of “investors.” Members of the audience, armed with a custom smartphone apps, were invited to invest imaginary funds in the entrepreneurs’ ventures; for each dollar invested, the entrepreneurs were rewarded with additional pitch time. It was a great way to experience the value of entrepreneurship, Yale SOM style.

For us, the biggest thrill was seeing much of the Class of 2016 together for the first time and very much at home in the Yale SOM community. We can’t wait to launch this class of diverse professionals, who care about driving change and innovation at the nexus of business and society across all sectors. We look forward to welcoming our Class of 2016, the largest EMBA class that we’ve ever assembled, and in years to come, following the impact that these special people will make on the world.

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Vani Nadarajah

Director of Admissions for MBA for Executives