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TBC at Yale SOM Launch Newsletter #6

The following message was sent to the 800+ network members of The Broad Center.

An Update from TBC at Yale SOM Launch Team

What does going ‘back to school’ look like in your school system? What emotions are rising up for you and your team as you welcome students to this new school year? How can we lean on each other to build strong and emotionally resilient communities?
At Yale SOM, staff are anticipating the arrival of full-time students this week and sharing this video with students on what to expect and how to support the health of the community. In July, students in the school’s MBA for Executives program returned to campus, including members of the Pozen-Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Health Equity Leadership. This program was launched by Yale SOM in fall 2019  to focus on leaders in healthcare for vulnerable populations.
In many conversations this month, our launch team has also been searching for resources to support the mental health of TBC network members, as well as children and families struggling through the pandemic. Earlier in August we saw 60 network members, along with members of the 2021-22 Fellowship for Public Education Leadership, join the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s virtual symposium. We are sharing additional resources focused on mental health and trauma this month. Our team members are also collaborating on an upcoming session in September on team sustainability and wellbeing. We hope to see some of you there.

-Margie Adler, Fernando Ayala Vaca, David Bach, Kavitha Bindra, Chaka Booker, Tandia Elijio, Adrienne Gallagher, Erin Keller, Colleen Phelan, Gabriel Rossi