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TBC at Yale SOM Launch Newsletter #5

The following message was sent to the 800+ network members of The Broad Center.

An Update from TBC at Yale SOM Launch Team

Logo for The Broad Center at Yale School of Management with open book on left-hand side with three pages and three shades of blue

As this note reaches your inbox many of you are likely inundated with questions and decisions to be made surrounding the start of the school year. Whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid, the educational experience for America’s children will be entirely new. The stories we have heard from across the country demonstrate the innovative thinking, resilience and humility that are core to TBC network members’ work.

Our launch team is excited to unveil The Broad Center at Yale School of Management’s logo which you can see at the top of this newsletter and on TBC at SOM’s expanded website. For TBC community members, you’ll recognize elements of the Center’s most recent logo featuring an open book. We know that symbols matter, and this representation of our new collaboration brings together icons that are meaningful to our communities of alumni, students and staff. All of your stories contribute to The Broad Center “book” as represented in the organization’s logo. As we continue on this journey to launch TBC at Yale SOM, your voices and feedback will inform the next chapter of The Broad Center’s story.

-Margie Adler, Fernando Ayala Vaca, David Bach, Kavitha Bindra, Chaka Booker, Tandia Elijio, Adrienne Gallagher, Erin Keller, Colleen Phelan, Gabriel Rossi