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TBC at Yale SOM Joint Launch Newsletter #2

The following message was sent to the 800+ network members of The Broad Center.

An Update from David and Chaka:

There is so much behind-the-scenes work in organizations like The Broad Center Los Angeles, Yale SOM and the school systems we serve. While educators have been hyper-focused on getting online classrooms equipped for meaningful learning as well as meeting the many needs of their students and communities, we know that this shift has also critically called upon our IT, operations and other “behind the scenes” teams who have guided and led our capabilities.
During the past month the launch team has focused on our less visible work, including identifying the systems and platforms used for network member support, introducing Yale SOM to the efforts of TBC’s alumni team to build TBC Community and mapping out technology workflows that keep critical systems running. We are keeping top-of-mind how to maintain simplicity in the digital tools that are frequently used by TBC network members as well as ensuring access to expanded resources at Yale University. We are also seeing how network members and others are spurring technological innovations in education that will guide future developments that will transform public education. 
Although we planned a full slate of in-person engagements for TBC-LA and Yale SOM staff to connect in Tulsa, Memphis, Los Angeles and New Haven this month, we are instead becoming absolute experts in Zoom meetings. Together we are developing next steps for recruiting diverse cohorts for both of the successor programs and are working to proceed jointly with virtual and in-person interviews. 
Last week, Yale SOM’s Dean Kerwin Charles joined The Broad Center’s board meeting. TBC board members enjoyed their conversation with him, which included learning more about his personal and professional background, his excitement and commitment to TBC at Yale SOM, a new SOM faculty hire whose research focuses on public education and the potential for more connections between SOM and the K-12 education community locally and across Connecticut.

David Bach, Senior Advisor to the Dean, Yale SOM & Chaka Booker, Managing Director, TBC Launch Team