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TBC at Yale SOM Joint Launch Newsletter #1

The following message was sent to the 800+ network members of The Broad Center.

We know each day brings developments for us all to collectively navigate, particularly as it relates to the health of our families and the families we serve. We hope things are as well as they can be, professionally and personally.
While an update on The Broad Center and our launch at The Yale School of Management (SOM) feels less important in this moment, we have heard from our network that keeping you all informed is meaningful. In that spirit, we want to begin providing joint updates on our progress as well as other helpful information. This communication is the first in a series  intended to share relevant developments, resources and opportunities to engage with us and each other. For example, will there be another Forum? Keep reading for the answer...
Given our commitment to communities, we want to open with two resources we hope can be useful:
•    We have compiled several resources related to the public health crisis from school systems around the country on the TBC Community portal.
•    The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has created a resource, Managing Anxiety Around COVID-19: Tips for You and Your School Community, along with a webinar (Thursday, March 19, 1pm EDT).

So…what are the latest updates on the launch?
In December we formed two launch teams, one at TBC and one at Yale SOM, who will work in collaboration with our leadership teams and staff. In January, the two teams met in-person in New Haven and spent two days building relationships, understanding each other’s past, looking to the future, exploring the Yale and New Haven Community and hammering out specific next steps for the work in front of us. Since that kick-off, these two teams have collaborated as one launch team, communicating pretty much daily. 

At the TBC Forum in Los Angeles, some of you had the opportunity to meet four Yale SOM transition team members who had the opportunity to attend and connect with TBC’s extraordinary alumni. Since then, launch team members from Yale SOM have joined program sessions in the Bay Area and Philadelphia to meet with current fellows, residents and alumni to gain a deeper, first-hand understanding of the TBC network and your backgrounds and experiences.
Underlying these actions is dedication from the Yale SOM team to observe, listen and learn from the TBC staff and network. A major priority for our launch team continues to be connecting with as many of you as we can for feedback on what a successful transition of TBC means to you. The TBC team is supporting Yale SOM to effectively launch successor programs to TBR and TBA and position Yale SOM to achieve the greatest impact for the communities we are all committed to serving. For nearly twenty years TBC has consistently evolved, adapted and improved. With the incredible strength of the TBC network at our side, and the resources of two great institutions, we are excited to continue the evolution of TBC together.
David Bach, Senior Advisor to the Dean, Yale SOM

Chaka Booker, Managing Director, TBC Launch Team