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Synchrony Financial Uses Online Gaming For Online Training

Led by CEO Margaret Keane, Synchrony Financial sought innovative approaches to services and products for its partners and their customers. As part of online training for small retailers and their employees, it created an online game to reinforce key learnings.

Online video game by Synchrony Financial

Screenshot of Synchrony’s Slingshot Game for Retail Partners, 2017

“To help their partners develop awareness of innovative financial technology, Synchrony's Payment Solutions group had developed significant online training and consulting materials. The company developed an extensive website, sharing brief articles and videos with its retail partners. The website went beyond explanations of loan options. It provided training to partners and retail employees on new technologies and general business practices. The website was designed to make their services more valuable to their partners and strengthen their overall sales as well as help them explain various credit options to customers. The website even offered a gaming option, with learning points and brief quizzes interspersed throughout the game, with competitions and rewards.”