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Summer in New Haven

Even though summer is setting in and the admissions season is winding down, we still find ourselves very busy here in the admissions office. Part of this is getting ready for the upcoming year -- updating our application, setting our recruiting schedule, etc. I will have more to share on these fronts in the coming weeks. Part of it, though, is that summer in admissions is a time of conferences and meetings -- when colleagues get together to share knowledge and exchange ideas. For example, in mid-June we participated in the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Annual Industry Conference. GMAC is best known as the organization that runs the GMAT test. It is also, however, a strong advocate for graduate management education and provides a number of resources for individuals thinking of getting an MBA. You can find out more about these resources at the GMAC website. The GMAC Annual Industry Conference brings together hundreds of business school admissions officers from schools all around the world. It's a great opportunity to connect with peers, benchmark, and discuss current issues in management education. I was fortunate to be asked to facilitate a discussion at the Conference for individuals who are new to their roles in graduate management education. After the GMAC Conference, SOM attended the Forte Foundation Annual Conference in late June. The Forte Foundation is an organization dedicated to "grow[ing] the number of women business leaders by increasing the representation of women in educational and business networks." Yale SOM is proud to be a founding school sponsor of the Forte Foundation, and is very active in Forte's efforts. Each year, SOM names a number of its incoming women students as Forte Fellows, who, in addition to receiving a financial award, gain access to Forte events and networking opportunities. In addition, this year SOM is hosting a Forte Career Lab for college women interested in business. If you are interested in learning more about the Forte Foundation, you can do so at the Forte Foundation website. You can also learn about the Forte Scholarships at the Yale School of Management and our other merit scholarships at the SOM website.