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SOMPost: April 2021 Global Career Fair, Recruiting Planning, Handsome Dan, and More

Evans Hall during spring

Spring has sprung at the Yale School of Management, and so have the recruiting opportunities! Last week we hosted two HireSOM networking events and an EngageSOM-Impact Investing event. Currently we are registering employers for a Global Graduate Business School Career Fair next week, exploring VConnectSOM touchpoints, supporting single employer recruiting engagements, and already developing plans for the next academic year’s recruiting season. Enjoy below the recaps of our highlights and a sneak peak at plans for the future. As always, reach out if we can support your recruiting efforts in any way – we are happy to help! 

All the best!

Rebecca Stekloff

Deputy Director, Employer Partnerships

Career Development Office

What’s Happened

A HireSOM double-header was a win-win for all!

Twenty nine employers connected with scores of Yale SOM students over the course of two HireSOM events on April 8. Whether students joined HireSOM-Nonprofit and Public Sectors or HireSOM-Startups and Small Businesses, they were treated to stimulating conversations and recruiting opportunities with employers from multiple geographies, industries, ages, and sizes. We look forward to continuing HireSOMs next year.    

A high ROI for students and employers alike at EngageSOM-Impact Investing  

EngageSOMs are designed to foster personal connections by bringing together a few employers with interested students for a themed event dedicated to learning, networking, and recruiting. To double bottom line it, the EngageSOM-Impact Investing on April 9 delivered on those points and more, bringing together six employers and nearly a dozen Yale SOM students for a morning of conversation and connections. While EngageSOMs made their first appearance this year in response to virtual recruiting, they have proven a success among employers and students - expect to see these opportunities continue!

What’s Happening

Spring is prime time for a career fair! 

The Yale SOM CDO is partnering with the career offices of 27 other graduate business schools on three continents to host a Global Graduate Business School Career Fair on April 22. Recruiters from all countries, industries, ages and sizes are invited to register for this free event. Invited students represent a variety of graduate degrees, work experience and career aspirations, seeking full-time and summer internships. Check out the event details and consider joining us for your current recruiting needs.    

Shower your portfolio with recruiting opportunities by organizing a VConnectSOM event this spring

I already have had a number of conversations with VCs and portfolio firms regarding VConnectSOM possibilities. The intent behind VConnectSOM is to build value by connecting Yale SOM students with hiring opportunities throughout an organization’s portfolio, at both the investor and the investee level. For more details, read this introductory note, then reach out to me to schedule a call:  

What’s Next 

Springing ahead with planning for next year

The Yale SOM CDO has begun the annual process of reviewing the past year to plan for the next. This year our inputs include the feedback from surveys of recruiters and students regarding virtual recruiting. We expect to share survey insights and our plans for next year in mid- to late-May, with the priority period to request 2021-2022 engagement dates to be the weeks that follow.

If you are not the key point of contact for recruiting planning, please share this information with your colleagues and encourage them to email We will add them to the distribution list to ensure they receive timely information.

Beyond the CDO

Yale SOM centers and initiatives 

There are fifteen centers and initiatives at Yale SOM that serve as focal points for investigation, discussion, collaboration, and experimentation. The breadth of subjects covered reflects Yale SOM’s commitment to educating leaders for business and society. Learn more about these efforts that range from understanding customer insights to advancing social enterprise, to our newest effort to provide transformative leadership for public education through The Broad Center.


The 130 year tradition continues 

Handsome Dan

Meet our newest mascot, Handsome Dan XIX! A bulldog has represented Yale University for 130 years, and Yale is credited with having the first live animal collegiate mascot. This tradition continues with the arrival of this newest Olde English Bulldogge. This Handsome Dan is excited for a future of cheering on Yale athletes and supporting Yale endeavors throughout the year, and naturally, can be found today across social media: