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Snowed In

What a cap to an amazing semester. It was only once we all finished our last exam of fall finals (Sourcing and Managing Funds...oof) and had a cathartic string of holiday parties that beautiful white snow blanketed the city of New Haven. I spent the afternoon today making the best of my decision to wait another day before braving I-95, and went sledding with three other first years at a hill we found at the Divinity School. For the first time since orientation, we were all having fun together without a case to worry about the next Monday. Everyone seems thrilled to just have some time to their families, their friends, and themselves to relax for a second before we embark on our international experiences. Plus we made a ridiculous ramp...amazing.The first semester was as equally difficult as rewarding...I've had so many large takeaways from how to approach the world of business, and in this very holistic way that has synergistic effects across all of my classes and to an extent, my extracurricular life. want to price an option? if you've got a Wall Street Journal, I'm on it. Worried about what is going to happen with the automotive industry crisis? Just ask any first year, and he or she would tell you a bit about the competitive landscape and differentiated incentives across strategic groups.Short and sweet. Admittedly and unfortunately, there's not too great International Experience representation from the first year bloggers, since Becca, Neil, Soji, and I are all in Cairo and Accra next month. But I'm sure that when we all get back, we will all have our own stories to tell. This semester has flown by, and it's pretty crazy to step back and realize I'm 25% done with b-school. But simultaneously, it has been so fulfilling and informative that I can't begin to imagine what will come around the corner.That said, first thing is first- in two weeks, I gotta get to the top of Kilimanjaro with four other SOM-ers and my dad. Best.