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Second Year Activites -- A Visit to the Hospital, Jobs, Classes, Fun... you name it we got it

Oh hello readers. So after a faux press release sent to many of my fellow Yale SOM classmates from fellow blogger Paul that I had retired from the blog scene I decided it was time to dust off my blogging accounts and get busy updating. So what have I been up to this past month? The usual. Fun and games with the study group. A not-so-surprising but still significant amount of assignments. Karaoke in public forums. Finally giving into facebook and wasting lots of time on it, which is why I avoided it for all of last year. Regular attendance at the gym. And oh yes, the job stuff... Of course before the regular update I suppose I ought to explain the picture posted above. To those who don't know, I was actually involved in an incident that sent me to the Yale New Haven hospital. Its become almost an annual tradition for me to have an emergency visit to Yale's health services, given that last year around this time I suffered a severe allergic reaction to eating about 20 shrimps from an investment banking CDO presentation. This year's incident was similarly absurd and without going into too many embarrassing details lets just say that I received 10 stitches on my face, there was a lot of blood everywhere, a stretcher was required, a study group member got to ride in the ambulance with me while the rest followed behind on the way to the hospital, and now I have a somewhat mean-looking scar around my eyebrow. The scar is healing nicely and the incident was probably far more scary for my study group than it was for me, but kudos to the Yale Hospital for excellent service. Alright, with that out of the way I can move on to the more regular school update. Work and assignments from second year classes have been a little more time consuming than I normally like, but all in all I have to say that I am impressed and learning from the classes so far. Special kudos go out to my Marketing Strategy class and my Behavioral and Institutional Economics class, both of which have been very interesting and the academic highlights of my year so far. Outside of classes of course the job search is taking up some time. Unlike some of my more fortunate study group members who have job offers and have either signed them or are on the cusp of signing, I am fully immersed in the job hunt process, exploring all my options. I'm chasing leads and applying to a few firms and I will definitely post more about that when I have something more substantial to report. Of course, congrats to go out to 2 members who have signed with Microsoft and HSBC (sales and trading). Another member is weighing his options but has an offer in hand, which leaves only me and one other with no job. On the social scene, things are great and a lot of fun as usual. Several notable Karaoke events have gripped the SOM class recently and I've definitely embraced them with gusto. The first year and second year class seems to be gelling nicely, which is always good. Indeed, all in all despite the pressures of having to find a job, 2nd year is proceeding pretty much as planned. I'm happy to be back at school and look forward to posting more updates (especially job stuff) as I get some more traction. I'll end with my typical collage of recent social activities this September, including a picture taken in the emergency room before I got my stitches.